HyperSLI: Enable SLI on a Crossfire-Only Motherboard

I built my computer a little over two years ago. At the time, NVIDIA (a GPU manufacturer) and Intel (a CPU manufacturer) were at odds with their licensing agreements, and I ended up being stuck with a Crossfire-only motherboard. If I wanted to use multiple graphics cards in parallel, they had to be ATI cards. Nevertheless, I purchased an NVIDIA GTX280 card because it seemed like the best card for the price. Lo and behold, earlier this year I completely forgot my motherboard was Crossfire-only and I bought a second GTX280 in anticipation for new games such as Battlefield 3. That was basically a $200 mistake.

Fortunately, a lot of other people also wanted SLI on their Crossfire-only boards, and someone created SLIpatch.  SLIpatch is great, but it has a few shortcomings such as requiring modified NVIDIA drivers for each driver revision. A few days ago the developer released a new tool called HyperSLI, which greatly simplifies the process and doesn’t require modified drivers. HyperSLI currently only works for motherboards with Intel processors, so if you have an AMD processor, you’ll have to stick with SLIpatch [Edit: Now works with AMD chipsets] . But if you do meet the requirements, here’s how to make it work:

  1. Install the latest NVIDIA drivers for your card.
  2. If you’re upgrading from SLIpatch to HyperSLI, just run the HyperSLI installer and click “Update”. If otherwise, just click “Install”. Simple.
  3. When the computer is rebooting, open up the BIOS. Most computers use either F1, F2, or DEL to access the BIOS. Look for something called “Virtualization Technology” and make sure it is enabled.
  4. When the computer boots back up, open up the NVIDIA Control Panel and enable SLI.
That’s it. Pretty easy.

Modern Warfare 2

Campaign: Beat it in about 6 hours, but it was very intense
Online: Getting frustrating because a) I suck and b) there is frequent latency issues
Special Ops: About halfway done on veteran, pretty difficult and fun

This game is fun. Really fun. The weapons are awesome. The gameplay is awesome. Haven’t played campaign but I’m sure it’s relatively awesome too. But! there is a few things I will never get over (for the PC version).

1. (minor) Why Steam, WHY!? This game doesn’t need to be on Steam. What a horrible excuse for a gaming service.

2. (major) Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE  has heard about this one; no dedicated servers. That said, I don’t find the p2p type gaming all that bad. I played online for about 3.5 hours last night, and I only had one bad experience with lag. At least me and a few friends can stay grouped together as we bounce around hosts and games, *sigh*.

3. (minor) Special Ops, Campaign, and Multiplayer are not integrated into one. Not even the graphical settings and control options are linked. I wasn’t impressed when I had to change all their effed up control settings three times, and observe the game fail at detecting my default resolution over, and over, and over. Nor was I impressed when the campaign started before I could even change the campaign settings. Watching the intro movie to the campaign at 1024*768 wasn’t too pleasant.

4. (minor) The menus look awful. Especially the first menu to choose which game type I want to play. The game hasn’t actually launched at that point, only that menu to choose what game type I want launch. Either they could have a) not had a menu and just gave me the executables for each mode in the Start menu, or b) made the menu NOT look like it’s from 1994. It could have been a windowed box about 480px wide. I’m not blind, I don’t need three massive low res boxes full screened across my 23″ monitor. Once the game is launched it becomes evident from the menus that the PC version was a direct port from the Xbox360, as my friend Benson pointed out about 5 times. No optimization whatsoever.

5. (major) No coop in campaign mode. I really do not care if it doesn’t fit with their “story” or overall experience. It’s fun. Options are always nice. CoD:WaW did it, and that campaign was clearly not designed with coop in mind. I’ve come to the conclusion that IW didn’t put it in solely so that when Treyarch makes the next CoD game off the exact same code, people will have a reason to buy it.

6. (major). 12 players max online. What the EFF. IW marketed it as 18 player max online, but they failed to mention that was only in the Groundwar mode. I can’t remember the last online shooter I’ve played that only allowed 12 players. I’m going to contradict myself now and say that the maps are still super intense at 6v6. It’s just that the OPTION to play with more isn’t there.

Well that is my main gripes so far. Infinity Ward was one of my favorite developers. I remember the good ol’ days when they only released a polished product. The gameplay IS polished; I couldn’t ask for a more addicting experience, but the presentation and feature set is a complete slap in the face.

School, Games, Computers

Lately I haven’t had much motivation to post about anything. I’m now settled in Edmonton for another year of school, and everything is going smoothly; however, Math 201 (Differential equations) and Math 209 (Calc. III) are freaking me out. The last few lectures pretty much everything has been going over my head.

Besides school, not much else is new. I bought NHL10 this week for my PS3, and it’s a pretty awesome game. There isn’t any major gameplay changes, but it feels like they made a ton of minor tweaks to enhance the realism. One popular “enhancement” I don’t like: fighting after the whistle. a) It slows down the games pace a lot, and b) my cpu team-mates like to take penalties during this time and it’s frustrating.

I also tried Resident Evil 5 and Need For Speed: Shift for the PC:

RE5 was a let down to me. The controls are very sluggish with a keyboard and mouse. It’s pretty pathetic that I have to use my Xbox 360 controller on a PC shooter in order to have decent controls. Other than controls, the game is beautiful and immersive.

Quite surprisingly, Need For Speed: Shift is an excellent game! I’ve only played a few races, but I’m impressed. The graphics are a little dated, but the driving mechanics have been overhauled to handle more like a racing simulator. The game just feels good.

Oh yeah, and I ordered a new printer and a new mouse from ncix.com:

The printer is a monochrome laser Brother HL2140. It is my third printer in less than a year. I’m quite happy with it, but then again I said that for the last two printers.
Pros: only cost $72.57; short power-on time; fast 23 ppm; relatively quiet; crisp text; cheap toner; compact; large paper tray
Cons: no duplexing ability (not even manual); included toner rated at 1000 pages while replacement toner is 1500 pages

As for the mouse, it’s a Razer Mamba! Right off the bat, let me just say I have no rational reasoning as to why I ordered this VERY expensive mouse. The last few months I have been looking for a new mouse since my Habu continued to have a double-clicking issue. I clicked through lists and lists of mice, and the Mamba is honestly the only one that caught my eye. I would have went with the Logitech MX Revolution but I HATE the free scrolling wheel ability (because it comes at the cost of the middle click). So anyway, the Mamba is amazing. Everything about it is pure overkill. I’ll do a mini-review in another post.

And one more thing. My friend Simon altered his website so his Facebook status would automatically update in his website description. Not to be left out, I found a widget that would do the same for me. It’s called StatusPress. I particularly like this version. It was kind of a pain the ass to find/make a Facebook RSS feed of my own status. This used to be very easy, it was right on the main page. Instead, I had to make a new Facebook account, add the real me as a friend, find the notes page and copy the rss link, then edit the rss link so it was for status instead of notes. Why Facebook, why…?