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 Oct 27, 2015 12:34:04 AM EST

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 Oct 27, 2015 12:59:32 AM EST

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Steven: Hi! Thank you for visiting Microsoft Store Website! My name is Steven. How may I help you?
 Hi Steven, Order number ************* for the SB i preordered on the 14th. You're probably getting sick of people asking this but Why the hell hasn't it shipped yet?
Steven: sure let me check that for you
 Thank you
Steven: before i proceed can i have your email address?
Steven: in order for us to go further i'll be sending you a code just to verify your account.
Steven: I'll be sending you code through email, phone or web.  Which do you prefer?
 Okay got it. It says "Ships by Oct 26". Oh wait, that's a straight up lie. It's 21783098
Steven: I'm already checking your order. pls give me two to three minutes
 Okay thank you
Steven: At this time the tracking number is not yet available we will monitor your order and provide you updates within 24 hours.
Steven: im so sorry for incovinience
 So, I paid for express shipping and now my device wont even ship before it's stated ship date
 This is already incredibly annoying as it is
Steven: we will refund the cost of express shipping
Steven: I understand your concern, again we apologize for inconvience.
 Do you know anything about what is actually happening about all these orders that aren't being "Shipped by October 26"?
 is there a shortage of devices or a backlog at the shipping deparment...?
 And thank you for the refund, I'm much happier with that $10 than I would be with the SB i am sure
Steven: To inform you, I am looking at your order and I could not find any issues, It's just, when we were about to ship the product and requested an authorization charge, your financial institution has not authorized these charges and that caused some delay on the order.
Steven: However, no worries, I can see here that tracking number has been generated, We just need to wait for the UPS to update the shipping details.
 Can you pass me the tracking number?
Steven: Rest assured that we will be processing a refund for the shipping fee.
Steven: Oh I am sorry. The tracking number is not yet available but rest assured that it will be generated as soon as possible.
Steven: Kindly keep checking your email. You will be receiving an email with the shipping details.
 Okay. Welp. Thanks for looking into it and at least confirming there is not some other issue with my account.
Steven: is there anything else that i can assist you with?
 Not unless you can cure sadness from lack of SB
 But thank you for looking into what you could
 have a good day / night
Steven: I understand that your so excited now to get your surface book, but don't you worry, we only need some time for the product to be delivered and it was a pleasure to help you today.)
Steven: this is your case number
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Steven: **********
Steven: Thank you for chatting with Microsoft Store! Have a lovely day!