You clicked a link you probably should not have.

If you have been redirected here, could you tell me how you received the link that you clicked by writing a quick message in the comments below?  Thanks!

A few people have emailed me, informing me that my site was “hacked” and link redirects were being inserted into folder and directing people to spam websites. I have changed the redirects to point to this post. I’ve made a few changes which hopefully removed any vulnerabilities.

For those of you unaware what “spam” is, you can read about it on Wikipedia: I suggest you do not blindly click links that are emailed to you if the email seems out of context or just plain old odd. If you’re asking yourself, “Why did this person email me this?”, it’s probably spam. The best thing you could do is mark it as spam, something your email client likely supports

On the bright side that probably generated slightly more traffic than usual. 🙂

19 thoughts on “You clicked a link you probably should not have.”

  1. Could you forward me that email? I’m curious. My email address is available in the contact tab above.

    I’d like to mention that the redirects were to seemingly harmless websites, but they were spam nonetheless.’

    Last note, if you add a comment to this post it is not required that you use an email address.


  2. This came from a friend’s email address, with no subject — which seemed odd to me. Thanks for being “on your toes”

  3. Signed on and had all these e=mail that had bounced that I hadn’t sent but were address on email account. Never had this happen before. Hope it’s not a virus?

  4. I received the link from a group I traveled with once a while back, with whom my wife is in contact – I presumed she had asked them to send it to me.

  5. Got your link as spam mail from a german teacher last night at 2:31. dindn’t click it in the mail, but searched the link with google and found your site here.

  6. @Stoney Campbell
    If your account is sending out mass emails, it sounds to me like you a) have a virus and/or b) have had your email account password compromised. I’d suggest making sure your virus protection is up to date, doing a full system scan, and changing your email password.

  7. curious – not sure
    looks like my email was hacked
    and sent out multiple emails to my contacts with this link –

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