Trillian 5

I recently (yesterday) discovered the Trillian 5 beta for Windows. Immediately I noticed, from the tiny thumbnail of a screenshot, that it didn’t look like a pile of vomit splashed on my computer screen, amiss to previous Trillian outings. Okay maybe that is a little harsh, all I know is I hated Trillian.

For those not born on the internet, Trillian, much like Pidgin, Digsby, and Miranda, is a universal IM/social media client that allows you to connect with MSN, AIM, email, Facebook, and Twitter among many other services all from one application on your computer.

Why Trillian 5 is Good

  1. The GUI looks exceptional.
  2. The tonal audio is pleasing.
  3. It has Skype control.
  4. Multi-login – I can be logged into Trillian on my BlackBerry, iPod, laptop, and desktop at the same time. Every message can appear on every device.
  5. Customizable interface.
  6. No ads.
  7. Can dock contact list to edge of screen with drag and drop.

Why Trillian 5 isn’t Perfect

  1. If I am logged into several places, I receive “unread” messages on every single device, even if I read them on something else.
  2. The pop-out menus when hovering over contacts and mail feels a little clumsy and loads a little slow. Optimization could probably cure this.
  3. As far as I can tell, there isn’t an option to disable notifications from certain services.
  4. It would be nice to be able to bookmark specific locations in conversations.
  5. Lacking a video chat option for Live Messenger.
  6. The Skype client needs to run in the background for Trillian to support it. Also, video calls open up a Skype client window. Any Skype support at all is still pretty good.
Trillian 5 Contact List and Conversation Window
Trillian 5 Contact List and Conversation Window
Trillian 5 Pop-out menu
Trillian 5 Pop-out menu

Update: I’m not sure why really, but I switched back to using Digsby. Trillian didn’t feel right for me.

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