iPhone – Cydia Apps/Tweaks

This is probably just for my own future reference, but there is a ton of Cydia tweaks and apps I use, I figure I should list them.

(iPhone 4 on iOS 4.2.1)


  • Activator – create shortcuts for just about anything
  • App Switcher Brightness – self explanatory: change screen brightness from app switcher
  • App Switcher Ringer – tap on the volume icon in the app switcher to change the ringer volume instead
  • AppStore Update Size – show the size of an update in the App Store (useful if you’re using 3G)
  • Auto3G – disable 3G when the phone is connected to Wifi or in sleep mode (battery saver)
  • Backgrounder – true backgrounding of applications
  • Barrel – make the springboard page transitions awesome
  • BrowserChanger – change the native browser from Safari to something better like Atomic
  • CyDelete – delete Cydia applications from the springboard
  • Cyntact – add profile pictures to the contact list
  • Fake Operator – change the cell carrier name to something more unique
  • FakeClockUp – increase the transition speed of iOS animations (I prefer 1.6X)
  • FBphotoSave – save pictures from the Facebook app into your pictures
  • FolderEnhancer – faster than the default folders and allows folder paging
  • FreeSync – allows you to use the iPhone while it is syncing with iTunes
  • GridLock – place springboard icons anywhere within a grid
  • HapticPro – haptic feedback of keyboard and other buttons
  • LastApp – quickly switch between the last two active apps with an Activator shortcut
  • LockInfo – adds configurable notifications to lockscreen, homescreen, and/or a pull down “InfoShade”
    • Lock Weather Plugin
    • RSS Plugin
    • Twitter Plugin
    • Typography Time Plugin
  • MagicFingers – close app with 3, 4 or 5 finger gestures
  • ManualCorrect – opposite of the native AutoCorrect: tap on correction suggestion to change word
  • Multiflow – faster and more intelligible than the native app switcher, shows a mini-preview of running apps
  • MultiIconMover – move multiple icons very quickly
  • MyWi4.0 – tethering of your 3G connection to another device through bluetooth, USB, or Wifi
  • Notifier+ – adds statusbar icons for notifications – very configurable
  • NoVoiceMail – removes the voicemail tab from the Phone.app because I don’t have voicemail
  • PhotoAlbums+ – built into native photo app, manage, create, and password protect photo albums
  • Popup Blocker – block annoying popups from pretty much anything
  • Rename II – rename any apps (for instance I renamed AlienBlue to Reddit)
  • Safari Download Manager – for those rare occasions when I use Safari this is a must have
  • SBrotator – rotate the springboard and a few native apps that normally don’t rotate
  • SBsettings – control many springboard elements with tons of options / addons
    • Airplane SBsettings – toggle
    • Auto3G SBsettings – toggle
    • AutoLock SBsettings – toggle
    • Calculator Widget – built in calculator
    • HapticPro SBsettings – toggle
    • iPod Widget – toggle to play/pause music
    • iRetina+ – SBsettings theme, absolutely perfect
    • NoLockScreen – toggle to disable the lockscreen entirely
    • Remove Background – close all apps running in background
    • Rotation Inhibitor – disable/enable rotation
    • SpringFlash SBsettings – enable the iPhone 4 camera LED to use as a flashlight
    • Volume Slider Widget
  • ScreenDimmer – dim the screen, then turn off the backlight, after a configurable amount of time
  • ScrollingBoard – add scrolling options to the dock and folders, scroll left in dock for iPod player, supports addons
    • ScrollingBoard LiveMaps – adds google maps to a springboard page!
    • ScollingBoard Web Browser – adds a web browser to a springboard page – I love this.
  • ShakeToUndo Killer – removes the incredibly annoying iOS feature
  • SleepFX – custom screen effects when screen turns off from sleep button
  • StayOpened – prevent the App Store from closing upon installing/updating an application
  • SwitcherMod – hide apps that aren’t actually running in the background (wtf, Apple?), drag to reorder, show close button by default
  • ToneFXs 2.0 – Change the notification sounds of any application
  • Winterboard – theming application
    • inPulse – the only Winterboard theme I’ve ever liked
    • Transparent Slider bkg – makes the background of the lockscreen slider invisible, a minimalistic look
  • WeatherIcon – adds weather information directly to the weather.app icon, as it should be


  • BatteryDetective – useful for troubleshooting what app is draining your battery
  • BatteryLogger Plus – keeps track of the rate of battery useage and makes a nice plotted timeline
  • biteSMS – superior to native SMS, and the QuickReply option is FANTASTIC
  • Firewall iP – useful if you have rogue network connections running and need to troubleshoot
  • Grooveshark – stream any songs to your phone, save playlists, offline play options – requires $9/mo subscription after free trial
  • iFile – browse the iPhone’s internal files, copy, view, and run files
  • Installous 4 – pirate App Store apps (but buy the ones you like for heavens sake!)
  • iWhiteBoard – draw directly on top of any app for annotations, then take a screenshot
  • MobileTerminal – a terminal emulator
  • NetServices – shows your internal and external IP address as well as other network information
  • SysInfoPlus – shows memory useage, running system processes, and other system info
  • Veency – view and control the iPhone on a computer over a VNC server – neat, not very useful unless you bust the screen

2 thoughts on “iPhone – Cydia Apps/Tweaks”

  1. hi. you know of any app that directly opens the volume widget? or any app to control the volume. i need one that goes straight to adjusting the volume when tapped. tia.

  2. You likely already know, but you can double click the home button to open the task switcher and then scroll left twice to access the volume slider (on iOS 4). Alternatively, if you’re on a jailbroken iPhone, you can use Activator and have many options to control the volume. I’m sure there are numerous App store apps to control the volume, I just did a quick search and found “Volume Dial”.
    Hope that helps.

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