2009 Corner Desk Build Update

Words to be ignored.
I made a post about the desk I built for myself with the ability to raise/lower my monitors. I think it was a pretty sweet idea, but I ended up hating it. The design wasn’t reliable, and most of all, it wasn’t portable. Also, painting the top of a desk, despite using the highest quality paint and putting on 5 layers of polyurethane, IS A TERRIBLE IDEA. Within a few months the top of my desk was – how should I put it – totally fucked. When I got home this spring, my first priority was to fix my desk and remove the monitor lift thingy-ma-jig entirely.

I ended up buying solid black laminate (who knew solid colors were almost twice as expensive as that pattern b.s.)

Well, here is the picture of my completed desk (click for much larger picture)!

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