How to enable Bridge mode on a Telus v1000h/v2000h without root access!

I was cleaning up my network today and was frustrated that I couldn’t enable bridge mode on my Telus Actiontec v1000h modem/router to put it into a modem-only state. The problem is that Telus changed the root/tech passwords on firmware 31.121L.13 and nobody knows what they are. My buddy Mike told me to try editing the webpage source and I’ll be damned it actually worked!

Basic Instructions (if you don’t want to watch the how-to video below):
1. Go to (or whatever your gateway is) and log in to the admin/telus account.
2. Go to the Advanced Settings tab and open up WAN IP Addressing.
3. Open up your web browser’s developer tools (F12)
4. Search for <tr id=”id_rfc_1483_transparent_bridging” style=”display: none;”>
5. Change “display: none;” to “display: block;”
6. Select the now visible Transparent Bridging option on the page, then Apply
7. You’re done! You can see that the bridge is enabled on the Status tab under Connection Status > ISP Protocol.

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  1. Brilliant! I was noticing that people were frustrated that they couldn’t access the bridging mode part of the advanced setup because they didn’t have root access. Then I read this post and you come up with this fantastic Web Page “hack”. You were thinking way out of the box and THANKS!

    P.S. When will those clowns at Telus realize that a good many people handle their own networking? I and many others don’t need a dumbed-down, one size fits all, PoS, Telus modem/router.

  2. Wow! Thanks for the tip! I’d been looking for a solution to putting my Telus V2000H into bridge mode, but there wasn’t one until I happened upon your page. A buddy of mine was switching over Telus and I was telling him it wasn’t possible to put the V2000H router into bridge mode, since the god account wasn’t available. Then I just decided to do a search to see if anything leaked, and this page appeared.

    It took me a couple of minutes to apply the change, re-configure my Asus router, and then moments later, success!!!

  3. After MONTHS of frustration with this and Telus telling me over and over again it was impossible I found your page almost by accident.

    Worked like a charm. Bridging is working and my NAS is finally accessible as it should be. Thanks!

  4. Awesome tech tip…used it today to set up bridging for a friend who just bought a Netgear router to get around issues when trying to get American Netflix in Canada. Having just the standard admin/telus login info was never going to cut it but I found your post and all is well 🙂


    1. You should check if your router has an option for multicasting / IGMP proxy. If so, you need to enable the IGMP proxy on the router, and then connect the Optik TV box to the router (not the Telus modem).

      On my Netgear R7000, running Tomato, the option is under Advanced > Firewall > Multicast. Select “Enable IGMPproxy” and then “LAN”.

      If your router doesn’t support multicasting, then you will need to connect the Optik TV box directly to the Telus modem and it should work.

      More info about the IGMP proxy here.

  5. I’ve been trying to do this to get my V1000h into bridge mode. I find the “display: none;” text under the “Sources” tab but am unable to edit it. Any suggestions?

      1. For some reason, no Edit option shows up when right clicking on
        “none”. I have tried in both Chrome and Firefox. Same issue. Any help would be appreciated.

      1. I am also having trouble editing ‘none’ to ‘block’
        tried explorer but right click does not give edit option while in developer tools and it also won’t let me just type over it.


  6. Neil – this is awesome!

    Thank you so much for publishing this technique. I don’t need bridge mode so much as I need to continue to run my own DHCP server – expanding on this, to disable the DHCP server in the router, go to the LAN IP Address page, and search for

    div class="greyed_out" id="step1_disabled" style="display: none;"

    Change the display to block:

    display: block

    Apparently step 1 in the setup is to enable or disable DHCP.

  7. Awesome, thanks works as prescribed.
    My story;
    Called Telus,,
    I’d like to bridge my router please, how do I do this now that the function is no longer on the user panel?
    Sorry sir we don’t do that any more but Customer care plus can , let me connect you.
    Wait 40 min on hold
    Cust. Care plus ; let me take you name and number ( this alone takes 10 min to verify everything but my passport!) and a tech will call you right back.. FYI the fee is 60.00 one time or 15.00 a month for ever( not joking here)
    Me; what ever, I’m not paying for it, i’ll just switch to Shaw but please have the tech call me anyways, I want to know all the options.
    1.5 days later no call
    Call Telus;
    let me connect you to Cust. care plus,
    30 min wait
    Sorry sir I don’t know any thing about that, we don’t do that, call the “Broadband dept” at 310 care.
    Call telus at 310 care
    Number is not in service
    Call Telus
    Me; how do i bridge my router please?
    No worry sir let me transfer you to Cust. Care plus
    Don’t bother they don’t know how, who might know how, last chance for final answer before i book Shaw,,
    Telus; no worries, let me call my buddies in IT and see if anyone has any idea how to do that.
    Wait 10 min;
    sorry for wait should be to much longer.
    Me; thinking
    wow, someone actually had training
    Wait 10 min
    ok so we don’t know how to do that but my “buddy” says go to this website and they show you how to do it your self.
    go to
    cool , looks straight up,,so they just hid the selection, not remove it
    ya thats cool, how come we don’t do that for you?
    Me; is that a job offer or just a question?

    There was a time when they actually wanted your business.

  8. Part two of above

    seems even though the modem goes into bridge mode it still doesn’t provide access thru the WAN port,, you can use the WAN port for modem access but it does not allow internet access thru the WAN port, only thru the other LAN ports, so setting up your own network thru a second router seem to not work.
    Perhaps something else is disabled in the background?

    1. You should be connecting a LAN port of the Actiontec modem to the WAN port of your router. The bridge will pass your public WAN IP address to the router through the LAN.

      The WAN port of the Actiontec is really only for if you are using it exclusively as a router, as far as I know.

  9. Thanks Neil! I just signed up Telus today as my 3rd SP (can’t have enough redundancy these days). I was able to put the modem in bridge mode, thanks to you. It took me couple of hard reboot (modem reboot + router reboot) to get the public IP onto my router. No biggie, all working. Also there is no need to disable DHCP on modem once it is in bridge mode. The only thing is that now if I want to log into the modem, I need to use a cable, manually set the IP of my laptop to 192.168.1.x (my router is on a different pool).

    Thanks again!

  10. Thanks very much for these tips! I ended up going through this with the installer and he was surprised about the setting. He left saying “Thanks for the link. You learn something new every day”.

    My setup is as follows:

    Telus Modem:
    Port 1: to router
    Port 2: to OptikTV terminal
    Port 3: to OptikTV terminal
    Port 4: to something

    The setting wasn’t specific on which port was going to be bridged so I assumed it to be port 1. My dd-wrt is getting a Telus IP (though it took a reboot or two). As far as I can tell everything seems to be working.

  11. Stellar, thank you so much. This worked on my v1000h with the latest firmware installed from telus. I’ve now ditched that crap router and have my r7000 with dd wrt running the show. Beauty!

  12. I just put it in bridge mode but now I have no internet. I am currently hard wired to my laptop from port 1 on the modem but no luck. Status sits on “connection”. Am I missing a step? Thanks

  13. Same as Vincent. What steps are needed after putting Actiontec in bridge mode and wiring your new router if they do not connect to a network ? Thanks.

  14. Damn…. tried this on the V2200H I received today. I can bring up the Transparent Bridging option, but when I go to save, it tells me “You are an invalid user”.

    Anyone know if there’s a way around this?

  15. I think that bridging the V1000H using this HTML editing only works on the firmware 31.121L.13. I have tried it on more recent firmware and the edits won’t save, they just revert back once you apply the changes. Too bad now I have to get an upgraded T1200 with a bridge option built in.

  16. So i have a v1000h with 31.121L.13 but i cant do the edit because the page keeps reloading. How do i stop that from happening? Has anyone else ran into this problem?

  17. Anyone happen to know the root password? Trying to edit the HTML to disable the DHCP, I can see it, but upon applying the change I get Invalid LAN Configuration for non-root user. Firmware version 31.121L.19

  18. Hey everyone, I’m trying to get my Actiontech V1000h into bridge mode via Neil’s method, however the Enter your PPP username = Not Applicable and PPP Password = ********, then when I try to press APPLY I get error “You are an invalid user”


  19. This does not work on the Telus Actiontec T3200m. I tried modifying but I get a popup message that says I am an invalid user.

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