Wipeout HD Fury!

Here is a captured video of me trying out the WipeOut HD Fury add-on pack. In this video I’m playing the eliminator mode. Basically you try and destroy other racers and you get points for doing so. It’s a race to 200 points in this video.

I think making game videos is actually pretty fun. Unfortunately due to the limitations of the capture card I can only capture the ps3 at 720×480. Such a poor resolution makes me feel like I’m playing my Wii… Maybe I will upload some PC content in HD some time.

This is a random picture I admire. It makes me proud to be a Coke lover.

One thought on “Wipeout HD Fury!”

  1. As part of today’s PlayStation Store update in North America, it looks like WipEout HD is free to dnaloowd if you are a PlayStation Plus subscriber. The game was previously given away as part of the Welcome Back initiative after the PlayStation Network was hacked. The game is likely part of the upcoming DLC for WipEout 2048 on the PlayStation Vita.

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